Johannesburg International Motor Show


Johannesburg Expo Centre, 6 – 16 October 2011

The team at XS Promotions had the crowds at the Johannesburg International Motor Show enthralled over the weekend with plenty of sideways action with the fleet of Chevrolet Lumina CR8 and Lumina SSV vehicles. There’s nothing quite like the roar of a V8 engine, the squealing of tyres and the smell of burned rubber on a beautiful summer’s afternoon.

Johannesburg International Car Show 2011

The spectacular show will be repeated at Expo Centre, Nasrec, in the morning and afternoon on the coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

An extremely tight gymkhana course has been set up, but the roaring Luminas were able to slide with ease between the cones. To see a Lumina actually driving in a straight is a rare sight the entire weekend as most of the time, the cars were sliding at obtuse angles throughout the course with tyre smoke streaming out the back.

Members of the crowd also had the opportunity to ride shotgun with current SupaDrift driver, Jason Webb in his loud Speed ‘n Sound Chevrolet Lumina. The reaction smiles spoke volumes of the sheer power and driving skills exhibited by young Webb who is currently 17 years old and able to control the big Lumina with ease.

Johannesburg International Car Show

Drifting is one of the latest crazes to hit South Africa and involves deliberately getting one’s vehicle to slide sideways using a combination of clutch, engine and hand brake. A rear wheel-drive turbocharged vehicle is a great place to start although many V8-powered cars are making an appearance with great success.

The competitions are judged on angle of slide, the car control, how close you can get to the corner’s apex as well as crowd pleasing ability. A local drifting series called SupaDrift has been running with good turnout. The event happens monthly at Zwartkops International Raceway and draws in entrants from as far as Mozambique and the coastal regions.

Johannesburg Car Show
XS Promotions will be doing drifting demonstrations where you can catch Jason Webb in action, as well as an exciting stunt show, at 11:00 and 15:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This show is included in the price of your entrance ticket and is sure to get the adrenaline flowing.

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