Johannesburg Boat Show Official Opening

Johannesburg Boat Show

MIASA Announces Boat Builders Plate at the Official Opening of the Johannesburg Boat Show

Johannesburg Boat Show

Vanessa Davidson, Chief Executive Officer of the Marine Industry Association addressed the industry at the Official Opening of the Johannesburg Boat Show and took the opportunity to announce MIASA’s initiative of introducing a boat builder’s plate. The objective of the Builders Plate is to build consumer confidence when purchasing a boat and to start ensuring baseline adherence to specifications from a manufacturer’s perspective

Ms Davidson’s speech is enclosed below.

Firstly I’d like to congratulate the Gauteng Boat Retailers Association on a successful second Johannesburg Boat Show at this venue.  A lot of hard work and planning goes into holding a successful show and much of this happens behind the scenes.  Well done to everyone involved and to SA Shows, Phillip, Pula and your team. I hope that the show is successful and productive for everyone and that we can start to turn the tide on a tough few years in the industry.

On that note, for those of you who do not know, I represent the Marine Industry Association of South Africa, otherwise fondly known as MIASA. MIASA was formed in 2011 following much discussion in industry and an identified need to unite the boating industry nationally. MIASA took a national platform to replace BIASA and the CTBi and continue the good work of both these organisations. In addition MIASA works closely with SABBEX, the Export Council for Boat Builders.

Our work covers a range of different issues: government liaison, skills development, marketing and industry promotion, public enquiries, lobbying and advocacy both locally and internationally, industry promotion and much more. There is never a dull day in the MIASA offices and both Kareemah and I are passionate about growing the industry and supporting you guys to the best of our ability. One of the big wins for us last year was the indefinite delay of the luxury tax on boats over 10m for local use.

The project we would like to formally announce here this evening is the MIASA Builders Plate. This project has been developed under the guidance of a Technical Committee and a number of people in the room have sat on the Committee at various stages, at their own cost and giving up valuable time for the project.

The objective of the Builders Plate is to build consumer confidence when purchasing a boat and to start ensuring baseline adherence to specifications from a manufacturer’s perspective. I must say outright, the plate is not a policing mechanism or yet another regulation and paperwork requirement. It is an entirely voluntary programme. Based on a builder’s self-declaration of manufacturing conformity, MIASA will maintain all paperwork and endorse the builder by providing them with a MIASA builder’s plate. Ultimately our goal is to work towards world standards and this is a small step in building the credibility and reputation of South African boat builders in the local market.  I hope that you can share with MIASA and members of the Technical Committee the positive impact this can have in the market place and the end vision of achieving high quality reputable build standards. We are ironing out the last schedules and procedural issues and as soon as this is complete MIASA will contact the boat builders individually to discuss their involvement and answer any questions they might have.

Thank you for your on-going support of the National Association. We are one of 37 members of the International Council of Marine Industry Associations worldwide and as such we have strong networks with our international counterparts globally. This is a rich resource and one that ensures we as the recreational boating industry in South Africa are recognised internationally for the work we do in promoting boating both locally and internationally.

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