Johannesburg Boat Show 3D Virtual Tour


    The Johannesburg Boat Show took place from the 8th of August 2013 to the 11th of August 2013 at the Johannesburg Expo Center at NASREC in Johannesburg South Africa. The Boat Show is one of the premiere expo events on the boating and watersport enthusiasts’ calendar and this year’s show did not disappoint. The Boat Show offered visitors the opportunity to see 100’s of boats and they had the opportunity to interact with them first hand. The boats where totally accessible and had people exploring every inch, leaving many in admiration of their luxury and splendor.

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    The Johannesburg Boat Show was also run in conjunction with the Amid Motorcycle Show, the fishing show and the Lifestyle Outdoor show offering visitors real value for their money. The Boat, Caravan and Motorcycle exhibitors had the ideal platform to interact with existing and potential customers.

    3d car shows display

    “The 3D Car Shows Video Wall at the Johannesburg Boat Show, designed by

    3D Design


    The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) Display at the Johannesburg Boat Show – Designed by 3D Design

    The 3D Virtual Tour of the Johannesburg Boat Show

    3D Car Shows took this opportunity to launch 3D Virtual Tours, allowing visitors to view the exhibition and the exhibitors products in a virtual world online.  “We have taken the opportunity to showcase some of our previous virtual tour works”,  said Gerald Ferreira, “We were able to showcase the Johannesburg Motor Show 2011 Virtual Tour, The Amid Motorcycle Show 2012 Virtual Tour, the Automechanika 2013 Expo and also the Johannesburg Boat Show 2012 virtual tour on an impressive Virtual Wall”.

    These Virtual Tours enable visitors to the website the opportunity to view the shows in a Virtual Tour, and walk through the show and experience the boats, cars and bikes that were on display at these various exhibitions. We have also featured our “Beta” virtual tours application that allows visitors to click on the boats, cars, bikes and exhibitors to view more information about the products and services offered by these exhibitors.

    The receives +/- 250 000 Unique Visitors per month, and more than 1 million page views per month, bringing the exhibition to thousands of homes across South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America to name a few of the countries, although we make the events available worldwide.

    The 3D Virtual Tours offers the ideal platform for the Event Organizers, Exhibitors and South Africa to brag about our infrastructure, capabilities and international standard of events from South Africa. Visitors to the show, can again visit the events at home, and easily re-live the show, and find information from exhibitors. In the new Beta version of the virtual tours visitors will be able to view detailed product information, photos, videos and business and supplier details from the exhibitors.

    The Virtual Tours are also building a history and archive of these events, and visitors to the 3D Virtual Tours can view previous year’s events, just as easily as they can view current events. The aim of the virtual tours are to provide visitors with an opportunity to re-visit the show, and also to make the show and events accessible to people who live too far to attend the show, and also provide the exhibitors with extended value for their participation at the event, and offers them to reach more clients by having a presence at the show and within the virtual tour.

    You can view the Johannesburg Boat Show Virtual Tour  on the Johannesburg Boat Show pages.

    Emerging Technologies, Google Maps, Augmented Reality, Virtual Tours and Google Glass

    People not using the internet is a dying breed, with new technologies emerging onto the market, and everyday products being completely integrated with wireless, applications and internet connectivity and mobile technology that brings the internet to every person’s cellphone it is hard to think of a future where consumers will use the internet less.

    Augmented Reality allows internet users to connect the real world with the internet and experience the best of both at the same time. Google Glass is an example of how Google is leading the world into Augmented Reality and showcases the possibilities of how Virtual Tours, Augmented Reality and Google Maps can enrich people’s everyday interactions with the internet and the real world.

    20 Years ago it would have been unthinkable of creating a Virtual Tour of the real world, and providing millions of people across the globe the opportunity to visit events like the Johannesburg Motor Show, Johannesburg Boat Show and the Amid Motorcycle Show online, and yet today it is possible. The event also lives, and drive customers to the exhibitors long after the event have expired in the real world.

    Augmented Reality brings new technologies to the Virtual Tours and marketing, and we can map the virtual tours to GPS coordinates and allow visitors at future shows to stand at any event at the NASREC expo center and by using Augmented Reality show them any show that they want to see based on their location and presence at the show.

    It is kind of hard to explain if you do not know about this technologies and haven’t experienced it yet first hand. In short if you look through Google Glass or your Smart phone like the Samsung Galaxy, Sony, Nokia, Android based phone or Apple’s Iphone and Ipads you see a virtual reality view of what you are looking at. If a company have claimed the Augmented Reality location, you will see information about the location, advertisements, product information or more in the virtual reality.

    A good example is looking at a static car in the real world, and then looking at the same car via your Augmented Reality enabled device. If enabled you may see a video about the car, specs of the car, places to buy the car, prices of the car, or a company offering insurance for the car, or even a bank offering finance for the car. In the same way you could possibly watch a virtual tour of previous exhibitions at the physical location where you are using your augmented reality phone from.

    All in all our Virtual Tours enable visitors to experience reality in virtual reality and allow internet users to experience rich experiences based on real world reality!