Jochen Hahn winner of the 2012 FIA European Truck Racing Championship


The Goodyear supported truck race series season ends at Le Mans 

Goodyear Truck Racing

Goodyear congratulates Jochen Hahn in the Castrol Team Hahn Racing, driving his MAN truck on becoming the 2012 FIA European Truck Race Champion following the eleventh round and last of the championship, which took place atLe Mans,France this week.

My congratulations go to Hahn for becoming the 2012 FIA European Truck Race Champion and to the MKR Technology team for winning the Team Championship title in their beautifully prepared Renaults,” said Boris Stevanovic, Marketing Director Truck Tyres, Goodyear Europe Middle East & Africa.  This has been a most exciting season, which turned out to be a two man championship title battle between Jochen Hahn and Antonio Albacete with them taking it to the wire in their MAN trucks.  They both race on Goodyear Truck Race tyres, which have been specifically developed for European racing trucks to perform in all conditions.  Throughout the season their performance contributed in giving the drivers the confidence to drive at their absolute limits irrespective of the track and weather conditions.”

At all 11 events acrossEurope, all Truck Racing Teams have been supplied with Goodyear Truck Racing tyres through its partnership with TRO (Truck Racing Organisation), which is the series organiser of the FIA European Truck Race Championship.   TRO supplied and fitted the tyres on behalf of Goodyear, sometimes fitting as many as 300 Goodyear Truck Racing tyres over one weekend.

Goodyear Truck Racing 2012

The tyres, which are FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) approved, are built using the same carcass as the Goodyear Regional RHS 315/70R22.5.   This casing has been optimized to enhance performance, mainly to reduce the risk of overheating and increase lateral rigidity.  Additionally, a special tread compound and pattern are used to improve ground contact.  The tyre meets the quality standards adopted for the entire range of Goodyear products, conforming to the European ECE R54 standards.  It is a great demonstration of the durability of the Goodyear truck tyre carcass that these tyres can perform well on a 5.5 tonne race truck traveling at up to 160 km/h.

All Goodyear Racing Tyres feature Radio Frequency Identity (RFID), introduced in truck racing last year for regulatory purposes to help the FIA officials monitor tyre usage at every round of the championship. The RFID, involves the placement of a microchip in the tyre during manufacturing, giving each tyre a unique identity.