Joan Barreda Dakar 2013 Rally Stage 4

Joan Barreda (Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain) dominates the fourth stage of the Dakar
Joan Barreda

Joan Barreda commanded a particularly hazardous fourth stage of the  Dakar,  Nazca – Arequipa with 289 km of special test, which covered  all types of terrain, and was made difficult by the “fesh-fesh” dust.  The Spaniard on the Husqvarna TE449RR by Speedbrain battled his way to  an eight minute lead over his nearest rival, and managed to come from  behind in the process.

This is the second win for  Barreda and  Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain so far in this Dakar and allows  the rider who hails from Castellon to move up to fourth overall place  (18th yesterday).

Botturi (12th) and Goncalves (18th) put in fine performances too  riding together for the whole of the special, with Botturi in front of  the leading group, trying hard to stay out of trouble and avoid  mistakes on a route where mistakes and loss of way are highly probable  due to such limited visibility.

Dakar 2013

The consistency of the performance by Jordi Viladoms on a Husqvarna  TE449RR  by Speedbrain should also be pointed out, who after today’s  eighth place, now finds himself fifth in the overall standings hot on  the heels of fellow-Husqvarna rider Barreda. Matt Fish made an effort  to make up for yesterday’s performance and his twenty-fourth place  today moves him up seven places in the overall.

The caravan rolls on tomorrow to Arequipa ad Arica with 411km  including 136 km of special test.

Joan Barreda: “I really rode well today. I’m very pleased. I knew it  would be a tough one today, so I wanted to push hard. My starting  place in twenty-fourth didn’t really favour it especially with the  first 20 kms of dust. What’s more, I had the electronic road book  broken and I had to move it forward manually throughout the whole  stage. I  did a perfect stage!”

Alessandro Botturi :”A really difficult stage where at certain points  visibility was zero. I did a good race. I pass the 3 riders in front  of me and arrive first at the end of the stage.  It turned out well,  and now I’m in ninth overall place, and that gives us a bit of  breathing room for tomorrow”

Paulo Goncalves: ”What a lot of dust! Even though I got away in  second place today, it was still really tough. We opened the stage and  was not so easy. I managed to do not make mistake and I follow Botturi  that was leading for mostly of the stage ”

Team Manager, Wolfgang Fischer:” Barreda today rode a blinder. Really  tremendous! He showed just how able he is to navigate especially under  these conditions. I really pleased too for all the other team riders  who were able to interpret the stage so well.”

Dakar Project Leader, Berthold Hauser: “Winning two out of the four  stages gives us enormous satisfaction. The riders and the whole team  are doing a great job! There’s still a long way to go but we couldn’t  have got off to a better start.”