Honda’s humanoid robot is a star of the show

Honda’s revolutionary humanoid robot, ASIMO, is making a welcome return to South Africa with his presence at the 2011 Johannesburg International Motor Show.

ASIMO is able to perform key tasks in real-life environments such as homes or offices. Using multiple sensors, and an eye camera, the robot displays an advanced level of physical capability.

Much of Honda’s development focus has been on enhancing ASIMO’s interaction with people, while a high degree of automation allows the robot to fulfil multiple roles, such as a acting as a receptionist, or delivering goods.

ASIMO stands 130 cm tall and weighs 54 kg. The humanoid robot is able to walk at speeds of 2,7 km/h, run at speeds of up to 6 km/h, and can carry and hand over objects. Its advanced mobility is best illustrated by an ability to run in a perfect circle.

ASIMO is one of the stars of the Honda Motor Southern Africa display at JIMS, and will make scheduled appearances during which the trend-setting robot will interact with visitors to the Honda stand.

Visitors will also be able to have their photograph taken with ASIMO, who is widely regarded as the world’s most famous (and most advanced) humanoid robot.
Honda’s ASIMO programme has led to several technological advances, including posture control techniques, image and voice recognition systems, and technologies to anticipate and avoid collisions. These are being applied to Honda’s other spheres of interest, such as automotive safety technology.