Jeep brand and its partners assist community in Morocco


Imi Nizrane, Morocco – As part of the international media driving program to mark the introduction of the new Jeep Cherokee 4×4, an important new educational project in Morocco has been completed.

In keeping with an established practice of leaving a charitable legacy behind at locations where it holds driving events, Jeep and some of its supplier companies have funded the construction of a new kindergarten in the village of Imi Nizrane, near Erfoud.

The new building, which is to be used by children up to six years old, was completed as over 300 journalists took part in a driving test program on roads, off-road trails and sand dunes in an area close to Imi Nizrane, a village with a population of 150.

“By way of saying thank you to the community for hosting our driving event, we wanted to give something back of lasting value that would benefit the children and the community in the future,” said Mike Manley, Executive Vice President – International Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

“While there is already a school for older children in Imi Nizrane, there is no educational facility for younger children and it was clear that there was a need for one in the village.”

“We feel this is an immediate and tangible way for us to show our gratitude to the community for allowing us to host such an important event in the area and to leave something lasting behind that will be in place long after our Jeep event is over,” he added.

Journalists attending the driving event in Morocco made donations of their own by bringing school supplies, such as pens, crayons and paper, from their own countries and donating them to the new school project.

“We have a primary school in our village but when the children first arrive here, we have problems because they have never had any pre-school education,” said Dawdi Nabil, a teacher in Imi Nizrane. “This new kindergarten is so important to our village because it will help the young children in our community take their first steps towards their education.”

The Jeep brand has previously supported local community projects to mark the brand’s annual Euro Camp Jeep event, in countries such as Italy, France, Austria and Croatia and also on the occasion of the media drive of the previous version of the Jeep Cherokee in Botswana and Zambia.