Jaguar South Africa Experience


PRETORIA, 29 MAY 2014: Racing is in our blood, and we believe there’s a bit of the performance enthusiast in the DNA of every Jaguar owner. That’s why the Jaguar Experience is such an important part of our culture, giving owners the opportunity to exploit the dynamic advantage of their chosen cat in a controlled environment.

Jaguar Experience

And it has become easier than ever before to feel the Experience: with every new Jaguar sold by a Jaguar dealer you’ll receive a voucher which you’ll be able to redeem against a Jaguar Experience driving course.

Depending on which option you choose, you could find yourself roaring around Zwartkops International Raceway, on the high-speed banked oval at the world-renowned Gerotek test facility outside Pretoria, or at Cape Town’s Killarney circuit.

Jaguar Experience 2014

Not only that, but you could also have the opportunity to drive the Jaguar model range, including the exhilarating F-TYPE.

Tuition is conducted by qualified instructors and by the end of the course you’ll be pushing your own limits and maybe those of the car. The objective is to make you a better driver by enabling you to understand the dynamics of today’s highly-advanced Jaguars, but also to be able to evaluate and deal with a variety of emergency situations. You’ll learn how to instantly identify and then control aquaplaning, deal with under- and over-steer, and brake safely while simultaneously changing direction.


Best of all, though, you’ll have a load of fun in your and our Jaguars, reminding yourself why you’ve chosen a car which makes you feel totally alive.