Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: August 23, 2013
Categories: Jaguar, Jaguar Awards

For the second year running, Jaguar tops the annual JD Power Dealer Satisfaction Survey, published in What Car?, and on sale now.

What Car

What Car? editor-in-chief Chas Hallett said: “For the second year running, Jaguar owners love their dealers as much as their cars, awarding their dealers top marks in the annual survey. Jaguar is in an enviable position.”

Customers liked Jaguar’s friendly advisers, the flexibility and understanding in booking in their vehicles, convenient vehicle pick-ups and handovers and the time spent explaining details of work required.

Second in the 2013 rankings is Lexus, ahead of Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and then Toyota.

Chevrolet sits at the bottom of the table, behind Alfa-Romeo, Fiat, Peugeot and Mitsubishi.

Hallett said: “Good service makes all the difference, every new car buyer deserves a friendly, efficient and value-for-money service from their dealership – whether the car is premium or bargain-basement.”

The analysis is based on the opinions of 13,511 customers who had a service experience with their dealership within the past 12 months. Feedback was given on vehicles bought between January 2010 and December 2011 and focused on the service area; including the booking process, overall staff helpfulness, dealership facilities, quality of work and how fair the service charges were.

Ranking Dealer network Score Rating
1 Jaguar 85.5% XXXXX
2 Lexus 85.4% XXXXX
3 Honda 84.0% XXXXX
4 Mercedes-Benz 82.6% XXXX
5= Land Rover 82.0% XXXX
5= Toyota 82.0% XXXX
7 Skoda 81.4% XXXX
8 Volvo 80.8% XXXX
9= Kia 80.32% XXX
9= Nissan 80.32% XXX
11 Seat 79.5% XXX
12 Renault 79.3% XXX
13= Hyundai 79.2% XXX
13= Volkswagen 79.2% XXX
15= BMW 79.1% XXX
15= Citroen 79.1% XXX
15= Mini 79.1% XXX
18 Ford 78.6% XXX
Average 78.5%
19 Audi 78.0% XXX
20 Vauxhall 77.7% XXX
21 Suzuki 77.6% XXX
22 Mazda 77.25% XXX
23= Mitsubishi 76.9% XXX
23= Peugeot 76.9% XXX
25 Fiat 75.7% XX
26 Alfa Romeo 72.7% XX
27 Chevrolet 69.7% XX
  • XXXXX  Among the best
  • XXXX    Better than most
  • XXX      Doesn’t really stand out
  • XX        The rest