Jaguar ‘can become the Ferrari of JLR’


Jaguar has the chance to become the Ferrari of JLR’s business through a greater number of high-performance cars and advanced body and  powertrain technologies, the company believes.

Jaguar Frankfurt Motor Show

With the recent  introduction of the XJR and XFR-S, the number of special performance  derivatives in the range has risen to six, and there are more to come.

Meanwhile at Frankfurt the company is showing an SUV concept, the  C-X17, which is based on all-new aluminium architecture that will  underpin the next generation of Jaguars, starting with a compact saloon  in 2015.

The BMW 3 Series-sized saloon will not only be the most efficient in  class, the company claims, but will also be available in a  high-performance version capable of 186mph.

Jaguar also has new four-cylinder engines under development, to be  produced in a new factory in Wolverhampton from 2015, while within the  JLR group there are now hybrid powertrains, revealed at Frankfurt in the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

“Frankfurt is where Jaguar will re-establish itself as an engineering force as part of the plan to become profitable and more relevant,” one  insider said. “The new architecture is an enabler which will allow a  huge number of different itinerations. It’s much more than just a  production system.”

Jaguar is spending £3 billion on product development this year – the  same as last year and the same as it plans to spend in 2014.

“We are trying to achieve in five years what it took Audi 20 years to achieve,” the insider said. “But we will only ever produce cars which  are relevant and profitable, and we cannot grow faster than our  suppliers and recruitment allow.

“Today, brand is more important than ever before. If you think back to  the period between 1950 and 1975, Jaguar was on the same buyer  shortlists as Ferrari and Maserati. We believe we have the opportunity  to do that again.”