JAC Motors rebrands its engine power as the Greenjet series at Auto China 2012


Hefei, China – 2 May, 2012 – Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co. (“JAC Motors”), a leading global manufacturer of commercial and passenger vehicles, has unveiled its rebranded engine power series, ‘Greenjet’ at Auto China 2012. In rebranding the range as the ‘Greenjet’ series, JAC Motors hopes to show its dedication to the research and development of environmentally friendly technology, and make its contribution to the renewable energy world by providing highly efficient and environmental friendly power to its vehicles.

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JAC Motors’ Greenjet’ series encompases GDI, TCI, VVT, CTI advanced high efficient and environmentally friendly products, as well as DCT, CVT, AMT, AT, MT series transmissions independently developed by JAC itself.

At the Auto China 2012 JAC Motors showcased five Greenjet engines, which manifest JAC Motors’ philosophy of “Quality with Integrity, Technology for a Better Life”: the 1.5 TGDI gasoline engine, 2.0 TCI gasoline engine, 1.9 CTI diesel engine, 1.3E100 alcohol fuel engine and the 2.8L National IV diesel engine. The company also showcased the HFC DTF630 dual clutch automatic transmission for the first time.

The combination of the 1.5L TGDI high-performance gasoline engine and the DTF630 double clutch transmission create an important power combination, which will be utilised in upcoming JAC Motors vehicles. These products will take a pivotal position in JAC Motors’ five-year plan, which includes selling 16 million vehicles, of which 20% will be exported.

The new engines were designed to both enhance JAC Motors’ already extensive product range, and comply with China’s energy-saving and environmental protection regulations.

The 1.5L TGDI Gasoline Engine is both economical and high-performing. With its four cylinders, the engine covers a power range up to 120 kW, and delivers a peak torque of 251 Nm. Its power per litre exceeds 80kW, far beyond the industry average. The engine delivers a peak torque of 251N.m, and the torque per litre 167N.m. This engine also complies with the Euro V.

The DTF630, the latest six-speed double clutch transmission independently developed by JAC Motors, has also made its debut at Auto China. JAC Motors cooperated with Hofer, the renowned German design company and established a joint development team to perform structural design of DCT assembly system, development of parts, prototyping, testing, vehicle matching and calibration and industrialisation. The 6-speed DCT transmission features electric control and hydraulic actuating, front-engine and front-wheel drive/4-wheel drive and a double clutch automatic transmission. This model will be integrated into the JAC A/B/C/SRV and other high-end vehicles.

Finally, the JAC Motors 1.9CTI Diesel Turbo-supercharged Engine has also been unveiled at Auto China. The engine uses VNT (variable nozzle turbine) for supercharging, and third-generation common-rail direct injection. The engine boasts a maximum torque of 308Nm/2200-2600 rpm and a maximum power of 102kW/4000 rpm. It features controlled swirl ratio (SCV), common-rail direct injection (CRDI) and electric control EGRC. A high performance engine, power per litre reaches 52.4kW/L. The 1.9CTI Diesel Turbo-supercharged Engine is build for reliability, with an expected service life of up to 700,000 km in compliance with European B10. The engine also boasts low noise levels from its auto-tension chain drive system and long-skirt cylinder body, as well as SCR and electronic throttle valve. These reduce combustion noise and noise from engine vibration and transmission.

Both the new M2 and S1 (urban casual series) were on show last week, and are equipped with this high-performance diesel engine.

About JAC Motors

Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., (known worldwide simply as JAC) was created in 1964, and has been listed on the Shanghai stock exchange since 2001. JAC Motors classes itself among the 10 best automotive manufacturers in China. In 2011, JAC Motors sold 466,459 vehicles, of which 66,258 units were exports. JAC Motors produce a vast range of products including light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, minivans, SUVs, sedans, buses, bus chassis, motors, gearboxes and other key automobile components.