Iveco Trucks Tested By Dakar Experience – 360° Video and Virtual Tour


Iveco Trucks Tested By Dakar Experience – 360° Video and Virtual Tour

Iveco Trucks Tested By Dakar Experience We had the privilege of being invited to the Iveco Trucks Tested by Dakar Experience on 9 October 2014, we had an incredible day and it was nothing like we expected, with Iveco providing a fun filled and “interactive, reality experience involving al the senses”. These machines proved their worth […]

Iveco Trucks Tested By Dakar Experience

We had the privilege of being invited to the Iveco Trucks Tested by Dakar Experience on 9 October 2014, we had an incredible day and it was nothing like we expected, with Iveco providing a fun filled and “interactive, reality experience involving al the senses”.


These machines proved their worth at the Dakar Rally among others and we now know what the hype is all about the Iveco Trucks in the trucking industry as these vehicles were able to do things not even a rally driver can do in a fully modified WRC 4×4 off road car.

Paris-Dakar history started in 1977 but the 1980’s edition was marked by a major first: the inclusion of trucks.

In 1982, Iveco joined the Dakar adventure, starting a long journey full of great results and unforgettable moments. This great experience, focused on private team that had always chosen Iveco as a technical partner, leading through to the South American Edition of 2011 when Iveco raced as an Official constructor team.

In the unforgettable Dakar 2012, Iveco nailed the most important result with Gerard De Rooy and his team, ranking the 1st, the 2nd and 6th place in the overall classification.

A feat that will remain set in the memory of rally-raid fans, a race dominated from the first to the last stage by the technology and reliability of Iveco trucks. In 2013 the team got back to South America, reaching good results despite a lot of bad luck during the most important stages.


We were given a chance to take the Iveco trucks on a test drive on an off road test course, we were taken by an instructor through some seriously scary off road places that looked like it was going to cause the vehicle to topple over at any time, but not in these Iveco Trucks, they were so well articulated that it didn’t even feel like we were putting them through any form of challenge.


We were then taken to a skid pad and were asked to “try break the Iveco Daily Van” which was IMPOSSIBLE! Considering what we put that vehicle through. We were each given two laps and the people with the best lap times won themselves a ride on the off road track in the ultimate New Iveco Trakker.


I was lucky enough to get a good lap time and win a ride in the New Iveco Trakker and the experience was something that cannot be explained!


Gerald Ferreira in the De Rooy IVECO Dakar Rally Truck

The smiles that people had on their faces when climbing out of the Dakar Iveco Truck was something you would only see on a child’s face that had been deprived of sweets for a year.


Rudi Snyders in the Dakar Rally IVECO DE ROOY Truck

We also took the liberty of doing a full 360° video of the press conference which can be viewed below. There were some interesting points mentioned about the future of Iveco International and Iveco South Africa and where Iveco is planning to go in South Africa and the Iveco Dakar Rally Experience.

IVECO 360° Video Flat View on Youtube

The IVECO 360° Video on YouTube allows you to view the video in a flat view. This is what the IVECO 360° Video looks like when it is not played through our 360° Video Player.


IVECO 360° Video of the Press Conference at the IVECO Trucks Dakar Rally Experience

To Start the 360° Virtual Video experience click on the play button. Then once the video start playing click on the video with your left mouse button, hold down the button and move left or right, right to left or up and down to control your view within the 360° Virtual Video.

[pano file=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/vr3/video/index.html” width=”100%”]

What is the Iveco Trucks Tested by Dakar Experience About?

After a phenomenal performance in this year’s difficult Dakar Rally, Iveco has flagged itself as a force to be reckoned with. The team’s 660kW 507 Trakker racing machine completed the 10 000km Dakar Rally, finishing in first position in the truck category.

To celebrate this, locally, the brand has produced its own replica of the racing machine. I had the opportunity to ride shotgun in the Iveco Trakker through an off-road section near Hartbeespoort dam and can report that I have a newfound respect for the Dakar competitors; it’s seriously taxing on the body with the constant bumps and jumps – what an experience!

Iveco also took this opportunity to launch its new Eurocargo medium truck and the Limited Edition, Tested by Dakar, model range. The “Tested by Dakar Experience” that I attended gave me the opportunity to test all the brand’s products in various environments.

The new Eurocargo truck is significant for the brand as it’s being assembled in South Africa. In addition, the model is the marque’s main contender in the heavy truck market, which generates annual sales of more than 10 500 units.

The new model is being assembled at the company’s new R530-million plant in Rosslyn. The good news is, it’s still Euro 3 compliant, meaning it can run on 600ppm diesel. There are seven different gross vehicle mass (GVM) variants ranging from 10 to 18 tons and five power categories, from 132kW to 206kW.

There were also Tested by Dakar Limited Edition kits on show. This more exuberant-looking livery will be available on the 4×4 versions of the Eurocargo, Daily and Trakker.


The 4×4 version of the Daily has been quite popular in the local market. Its 115kW motor, 5.5-ton weight and 3.5-ton towing capacity, means it’s a formidable machine. Add the locking differentials front, centre and rear and you have, as I discovered, a more than capable 4X4. I used one to tackle a 4×4 course and its mechanical approach to off-roading is refreshing in an era of electronics.

I also had my first big truck experience in the Trakker, which is an off-road truck. I found it surprisingly easy to drive on a narrow dirt road. It even does the climbing, descent and off-road work you’d expect from a traditional off-road vehicle. There’s a massive amount of torque which definitely helps in all-terrain situations. I was also surprised at the kind of creature comforts such as Bluetooth audio and steering-mounted controls. The model is available as a 4×4, 6×6 and even an 8×8 model for seriously hard work.

The affiliation that the Iveco brand has, with an event as extreme as the Dakar, can only do good things for the brand. It serves as a platform, which showcases the brand’s products in terms of reliability and longevity, which are two key factors in the trucking industry.

IVECO Trucks Tested by Dakar Rally Experience 360° Virtual Tour Street View Experience on Google Maps

To view the Iveco Tested by Dakar Rally Experience in Google Maps, click on the Yellow man and drag it over the map onto one of the Blue dots on the ADA Training and Outdoor Centre terrain.

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Images of the IVECO Trucks Tested by Dakar Rally Experience


The De Rooy Dakar Rally Truck Replica at the Tested by Dakar Experience at Hartebeespoortdam.


Christophe Longuet talking about IVECO South Africa during the Press Conference at the Tested by Dakar IVECO Trucks experience.


Eamonn Parker at the Press Conference


CNH Industrial, a global leader in the capital goods sector, recently appointed Mario Gasparri as Vice President for Southern Africa. Mario Gasparri also spoke at the Tested by Dakar Rally Experience and Press Conference. Mario Gasparri injured himself on a bike while in South Africa.


The Limited Edition IVECO Dakar Rally Trakker Truck


IVECO Dakar Daily Edition


Journalists taking the Iveco Dakar Daily Limited Edition for a test drive.


Taking the Dakar IVECO through its paces


Journalist driving the Dakar Daily Edition


Iveco Trucks invest in South Africa

Iveco is a brand of CNH Industrial N.V., a World leader in Capital Goods listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CNHI) and on the Mercato Telematico Azionario of the Borsa Italiana (MI: CNHI). Iveco designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, offroad trucks, city and intercity buses and coaches as well as special vehicles for applications such as firefighting, off-road missions, defence and civil protection.

It manages production sites in 11 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America where it produces vehicles featuring the latest advanced technologies. 5,000 sales and service outlets in over 160 countries guarantee technical support wherever an Iveco vehicle is at work. This year IVECO is investing in a local South African Assembly plant which we will report on in November and bring you a Professional 360° Video experience of the launch of the IVECO Assembly plant in South Africa.

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Published : Wednesday October 29, 2014

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