ecovelocityVisitors to EcoVelcocity the green motorshow taking place this week at Excel, London, are really embracing the test drive facility.  A fleet of electric and low carbon vehicles from Chevrolet, Citroën, Honda, Mia, Nissan, Peugeot and Vauxhall have been booked to almost full capacity every day since the show opened on Saturday.  Test drives take place on a 3.5 mile route in and out of Excel.

    Each test drive is accompanied by a representative from the vehicle manufacturer who can discuss how the vehicle works, the benefits of the test drive vehicle as well as answer any questions the test driver may have.

    Giles Brown, EcoVelocity organiser said: “It’s clear that the EcoVelocity set up is working, the relatively new concept of allowing test drives really delivers benefits for the visitor and for the exhibitor.  Test driving vehicles back to back allows the visitor to make immediate and direct comparisons as well as have their questions answered.

    “It’s been fantastic seeing lots of smiling faces from visitors after their test drives.  A common thread seems to be the growing acceptance of electric vehicles and the surprise that they are so good to drive.”

    Exhibitors are reporting that there is a really good level of visitors genuinely looking to embrace a more sustainable form of motoring and that their next car will be either a very low carbon model or an electric car.

    Vauxhall Stand Manager, Bryan Cliff said: “EcoVelocity has provided us with a great event which has enabled us to complete over 200 test drives in the recently launched award winning Ampera in the first 3-days of the show.”

    Show Visitor James Easton commented: “EcoVelocity is an event that answered all my questions about the greener side to driving.  Being able to test drive so many vehicles has made me seriously consider purchasing a greener car in the future.”

    Highlights of the show include the four supercars on display at the entrance to the show -from the USA the Fisker Karma; the Lightning GT – an exclusive British high technology 100% electric supercar; Tesla the electric car from Silicon Valley; and the Delta E4 Coupe- an ultra efficient electric sports car.

    Visitors can discuss how to live with an electric vehicle with the shows sponsor EDF Energy, specialist publication, Schneider Electric, Rolec Services Ltd and Source London.

    Other Exhibitors include, ‘Get On’ representing the two-wheel world, Michelin, Zero Carbon World, Ben and Zipcar.