It is officially Christmas in SEOUL South Korea Santa just reached Korea


Here at 3D Car Shows we are keeping a close eye on Santa Claus. We are using the Norad tracker to keep tabs on the White Bearded man. This Christmas season like every other Christmas Season Santa only have 24 hours to deliver his presents to the world.

As far as we can tell Santa Claus have just reached Seoul Korea and it is now officially Christmas in Korea. If you also want to track Santa as he moves from country to country. Why not visit the NORAD Santa site.

The Norad Site provides live tracking of Santa as he delivers Christmas presents to kids and parents all over the world. The NORAD site also offers visitors to the site interactive Chistmas Games that they can play.

The NORAD Santa tracking system is powered by Google Maps. The Google Maps application allows you to easily view the progress of Santa Clause in realtime. On the Google Santa Maps system you can view precisly where Santa have been spotted. Zoom in and out of the area. View Satelite Images of the area, and also view video’s of his trip!

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