Isuzu Off-Road Academy Achieves South African Quality Authority Accreditation For 4X4 Driving Courses


Off-Road AcademyThe Isuzu Off-Road Academy, in association with the African Off-Road Academy, is now certified by the South African Qualification Authority to provide 4X4 on- and off-road training to standards prescribed by the SAQA (South African Qualification Authority). The Isuzu Off-Road Academy is the first vehicle manufacturer backed 4X4 academy to achieve this status.

Three instructors from the Isuzu Off-Road Academy, Grant McCleery, Marius van Vuuren, and Fanus Kruger, are qualified to facilitate courses and train in the specific techniques required for safe and effective 4X4 driving. All three are accredited with the knowledge and skills to fully utilise the extensive capabilities of 4X4 vehicles in both on- and off-road driving conditions and to train participants in courses in those skills under the banner of the Isuzu Off-Road Academy.

The Isuzu Off-Road Academy was launched early in 2011 with the objective of providing purchasers of Isuzu 4X4 vehicles the opportunity to fully experience the capability of these vehicles in a controlled environment and be trained in their usage in both work and recreational conditions. Courses at the Academy are offered to all Isuzu owners at a preferential rate. To date close to 700 Isuzu owners have completed the course.

The Isuzu Off-Road Academy course includes a basic 4X4 orientation element to acquaint drivers with their 4X4 vehicles, followed by basic driving techniques. The two-day Advanced Off-Road Course includes more challenging driving techniques, both on- and off-road, instruction in vehicle recovery, vehicle maintenance, and protection of the environment.

“The Isuzu Off-Road Academy is an approved Isuzu service provider that provides an invaluable extension to the Isuzu ownership experience,” says Mlungisi Nonkonyana, Isuzu Brand Manager. “The course allows the Isuzu owner, particularly the less experienced recreational user, the opportunity to fully realise the potential and thus enjoyment of a 4X4 vehicle for maximised satisfaction and safety in use.

“Isuzu is a key brand of General Motors South Africa with the KB entrenched in the market since its introduction in South Africa 1972 and renowned for its comfort, toughness, and superior off-road ability. The Isuzu Off-Road Academy operates with a fleet of the latest Extended and Double Cab Isuzu KB 4X4s for use on the course.”

The Isuzu Off-Road Academy has its home base at the Gerotek Testing Facility just outside Pretoria but is geared to provide training at virtually any location nationally where there is a demand for training.