General Motors South Africa (GMSA) has announced the launch of the Isuzu Off-Road driver training academy aimed at existing and potential Isuzu KB bakkie owners. The Isuzu Off-Road Academy will kick-off this month and is open to all existing Isuzu KB owners as well as potential customers who wish to improve their off-road driving skills.

“The aim of the Isuzu Off-Road Academy is to train Isuzu KB drivers and owners in the correct use their vehicles. We are confident that this course will empower our customers with off-road driving skills and confidence to match the class leading off-road capabilities of the legendary Isuzu KB. Customers who have been on the course will be in a position to make better use of the technology in their vehicles, be it for work or leisure,” says Isuzu Brand Manager, Ryan Visagie.

The Isuzu Off-Road Academy will give existing and potential Isuzu customers the opportunity to improve their off-road driving skills and experience the Isuzu KB in a controlled and safe environment.

“There is a lot that one can learn from this academy. A good example is driving safely on gravel roads. A lot of drivers are reluctant to engage 4×4 when driving on ordinary gravel roads. Our instructors encourage the use of 4×4 high range whenever one ventures off tarred surfaces as this gives the driver better control of their vehicle,” says Visagie.

The Isuzu Off-Road Academy which is open to customers throughout the country will give customers who attend the course the opportunity to take advantage of the enhanced lifestyle opportunities that owning a 4×4 vehicle allows.

The Academy is based at the Gerotek vehicle testing facility outside Pretoria but courses will also be conducted at various off-road tracks throughout the country whenever there is demand.

Isuzu Off-Road Academy attendees will have the opportunity to hone their off-roading skills in the academy’s powerful Isuzu KB 3.0 and 2.5 litre D-Teq Double and Extended cab bakkies in the presence of qualified off-road instructors. The Isuzu KB D-Teq engines which are the current 72-Hour speed and endurance record holders, combined with the superb Isuzu chassis, prove a formidable off-road combination.

he one day driving course costs R 1,999.00; however, the first 500 customers will be offered a special launch rate of R 1000.00 incl VAT. Interested customers can book a spot on the course through the Isuzu website or contact the Academy on 011 431 2000.

Customers attending the course can expect to go through a variety of modules including but not limited to: off-road driving theory, inclines & declines, side slopes & water crossings, and tyre pressures.

More details on the academy, course content, images and value added services such as official Isuzu Off-Road Academy gear, are available on the official Isuzu website

All Isuzu KB bakkies are covered by the GM Total confidence warranty which ensures peace of mind through a 120 000 km/ 5 year warranty programme and comprehensive roadside assistance package.

By introducing the Off-Road driver training academy we hope to go a step further by giving customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their vehicle is being driven correctly and safely on any terrain they encounter,” concludes Visagie.

Isuzu range and pricing:


  • KB 200 LWB Fleetside R 154,000.00
  • KB 240 4×4 Fleetside R 254,500.00
  • KB 240 LWB LE A/C R 209,700.00
  • KB 240 Double Cab LE R262,500.00
  • KB 240 Double Cab 4×4 LE R323,500.00
  • KB 240 Double Cab LE KB72 R 268,400.00
  • KB 240 Double Cab 4×4 LE KB72 R 327,000.00
  • KB 360 V6 Double Cab LX R 327,300.00
  • KB 360 V6 Double Cab 4×4 LX auto R 387,900.00


  • KB 250 LWB R 178,150.00
  • KB 250 LWB Fleetside A/C R 190, 050.00
  • KB 250 D-TEQ LWB Fleetside A/C R 213,800.00
  • KB 250 D-TEQ 4×4 Fleetside R 264,600.00
  • KB 250 D-TEQ LWB LE R 232,600.00
  • KB 300 D-TEQ LWB LE R 269,000.00
  • KB 250 D-TEQ Extended Cab LE R 262, 900.00
  • KB 300 D-TEQ Extended Cab LX R 295, 900.00
  • KB 300 D-TEQ Extended Cab 4×4 LX R 342, 500.00
  • KB 250 D-TEQ Double Cab LE R 301, 600.00
  • KB 250 D-TEQ Double Cab 4×4 LE R 347,000.00
  • KB 300 D-TEQ Double Cab LX R 341,200.00
  • KB 300 D-TEQ Double Cab LX auto R 348,500.00
  • KB 300 D-TEQ Double Cab 4×4 LX R 385,400.00
  • KB 250 D-TEQ Double Cab KB72 R 307,400.00
  • KB 250 D-TEQ Double Cab 4×4 KB72 R 350,400.00