Range Of Engines Includes Uprated 3,0 Litre D-Teq And All New 2,4 Litre Petrol Engine

  • New 2,4 litre 16V DOHC petrol engine
  • Ultra durable 2.5 litre low pressure  turbo diesel engine
  • Latest generation 2,5 D-TEQ diesel engine
  • Uprated 3,0 litre D-TEQ diesel engine
  • New 5-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission

Isuzu Engines

As with the previous generation Isuzu KB the new KB range is powered by a selection of advanced diesel and petrol engines.

Featured in the range is an all-new 2,4 litre 16V DOHC petrol engine available on the Isuzu KB Base, Fleetside, and LE models. Features of this engine include a 4-valve per cylinder, double overhead camshaft configuration; hydraulic tappets with maintenance free automatic lash adjustment; a close coupled exhaust catalyst for improved emissions control; multi-point fuel injection, and an auto-tensioned accessory drive belt for stabilized belt tension.

This Euro II emission specification engine produces maximum power of 112 kW @ 5200 r/min with 233 Nm of torque at 4000 r/min. The combined cycle fuel consumption measured by GMSA engineers for this engine as fitted to the new Isuzu KB is 10,4 l/100km with CO2 emissions of 245 g/km (for 4×2 models).

Isuzu KB Engine

Next up in the engine range is the 2,5 litre low pressure turbo diesel engine available on the Base and Fleetside specifications. This engine provides 58 kW of power with 170 Nm of torque. The low pressure turbo configuration assists in producing good useable torque at low engine speed for excellent operating efficiency. This is an ideal choice for workhorse type operations and is carried over from the previous model offering proven reliability and fuel efficiency Isuzu has received reports of this engine logging over 1 million kilometres in normal commercial usage.

This is an easy-to-maintain low stressed diesel engine design that lends itself to high mileage fleet operations. A key to this engine’s longevity is its use of replaceable cylinder liners and low overall cost of maintenance.

The proven 2,5 litre D-TEQ engine is available on Base, Fleetside, and LE specification levels and produces 85 kW of power at 3600 r/min with maximum torque of 280 Nm available from just 1800 r/min. This engine offers excellent power, torque and operating economy derived from its advanced high-pressure, common rail fuel injection system and intercooled turbocharger. This engine is carried over from the previous model. Fuel consumption recorded for the combined cycle in engineering tests is 7,7 l/100km with CO2 emissions of 203 g/km. Low sulphur diesel (50ppm) is recommended for this engine.

The range topping engine in the new Isuzu KB range is the advanced 3,0 litre D-TEQ engine that is offered on LX specification models. This engine offers excellent power and torque from its advanced high-pressure, common rail fuel injection system, variable geometry turbo charger and intercooler. This upgrade results in a maximum power of 130 kW (up by 10 kW) and 380 Nm (up by 20 Nm) of torque. The uprated Variable geometry Turbo Charger, reduced engine internal friction together with optimised fuel injection and a new large front mounted intercooler provide for the increased overall performance and improved fuel economy.  The benefit is less gear changes, easier hill climbing and easier off-road driveability.

The position of the intercooler  in the front of the engine on the 2,5 and 3,0 litre D-TEQ engines provides for improved volumetric efficiency and has a secondary function of providing an element of pedestrian safety in terms of under bonnet component location to limit injuries to pedestrians.

On both of the D-TEQ engines the oil filter has been re-located to the top of the engine at the front to make access for servicing easier. The oil filter is surrounded by a drip-tray to prevent oil spillage over the engine during filter changes.

The camshaft drive gear on all three Isuzu KB diesel engines is of a “split” design to eliminate backlash on engine deceleration. Benefits are reduced noise and lower engine wear which translate into higher comfort levels and lower cost of operation. All three diesel engines have large big-end bearings for added durability and long service life. This again translates into lower whole life operating costs.

The 2,5 litre and 3,0 litre D-TEQ engines have polymer skirted pistons that dramatically reduce engine wear during cold starts until the engine reaches its normal operating temperature. These engines also make use of robust cast valve rockers mounted on roller bearings for low friction and extended operating life.

New 5-speed automatic transmission

The top specification Isuzu KB LX models are available with an all-new 5-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission mated to the 3,0 litre D-TEQ diesel engine. Features include driver operated sequential shift for increased driving pleasure (as an alternative to full automatic shift) and a torque converter lock-up clutch.

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