iPad 3D Application Vehicles


Pyrolia launches iPad application Road Inc.: The first digital object dedicated to the automobile.

3D Aston Martin DB5

Available on the Apple App Store $ 5.99

  • the current price of the app is no more $9.99 but $5.99
  • from Tomorrow morning (Friday) to Sunday night,  the price of the app is going to drop to $0.99 ! in order to celebrate Apple’s iPad 3 annoucement .
  • You can download the app at: itunes.apple.com/us/app/road-inc/id458600673?mt=8

Paris, France – Pyrolia; author, editor and developer of digital objects, launches a digital creation of unprecedented scope and quality, offering a unique and fully immersive multimedia experience of 50 cars to have left their indelible marks on motoring history; from its very beginnings, to the present day.

An unequaled richness of multimedia content

Road inc. is an immense interactive library offering an unrivalled richness of multimedia content, including 50 3D automobile reconstructions, 75 videos (films, interviews, reports, etc.), 500 studio photographs, 4000 archive documents and 150 sound extracts. With such a richness of content to hand, the user becomes immersed in the history of each vehicle, to the point of feeling a true sense of ownership.

Thematic expertise

Road inc. draws on the knowledge of top experts, historians, writers, researchers, collectors and journalists from across the motoring world. The fruit of these collaborations is the exceptional attention to detail, accuracy and pertinence of the information proposed throughout the project; be it in terms of written articles, interface design, visual productions or selection of archive materials.

3d Bugatti Veyron

Advanced technology

Designed with software usually reserved for large-scale film productions, Road inc. distinguishes itself from other apps, by establishing an alchemy between the latest digital technology and the highest editorial standards. Those tools have been used to produce 3D renderings of each car, which can be touched, turned and admired; such functionality is representative of Road’s intuitive and fully-interactive interface.

A true work of art

Specialists from a broad range of artistic fields have come together to create Road inc., to deliver a truly crafted product. With the aim of making the application as physically authentic as possible, the finest materials such as wood, leather and metal have been carefully selected, reproduced and adapted to each car’s unique space, reflecting its individual personality and style.

3D Ferrari Enzo

About Pyrolia

Founded in 2011, Pyrolia is a multimedia production and publishing studio that creates content-led digital universes inspired by given thematic fields, delivered in the form of smartphone and tablet applications. Pyrolia sets itself apart with its innovative content and interface production, created using the most advanced technology.

Future themes to be explored by Pyrolia include aviation, sea-faring, cinema and the arts.