Investment is increasingly being seen as the life blood of any successful company and according to Andrew Page Limited, one of the UK’s most innovative motor factors, it is a vital element if a business is to grow and produce profits to reinvest for further expansion.

    Andrew Page, the Leeds based and rapidly expanding motor factor, has in the past 12 months made significant investment, amounting to some £10 million, in its business. The predominant focus has been in branch expansion, IT infrastructure and web based customer solutions.“The focus of our business has been and always will be our customer base, to enable us to offer outstanding customer support in all aspects of business” said Andrew Page Managing Director Mark Roberts.

    The company, originally seen as a regional motor factor, has now 61 branches and will continue to expand its distribution base. Andrew Page has also invested heavily this year in business support. The creation of My Andrew Page, an easy-to-use online facility through which customers can view and process quotes, track their parts delivery status and order workshop parts is already proving to be successful with customers. In addition, the company continues to lead the automotive industry in the area of training. “Providing appropriate market leading training for the motor trade has always been a top priority at Andrew Page”, said Mark Roberts. “We continue to invest and expand our Auto Education training programmes as a means of helping our customers raise their standards and improve their profitability.”

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