International Earth Day 22 April 2012


    Today people all over the world are celebrating earth day. It is good to see Google once again reminding people about earth day via the Google Doodle. This year Google have placed a Google Doodle of flowers on there homepage. At first the Google Logo is only made up by leaves which then grows into flowers. These flowers are the same as the actual Google logo. Earth day is about life and our planer, and humanities responsibility towards sustainability and taking care of the planet.

    Earth Day

    “World Earth Day 2012 – In the image you can see the Google Earth Day Doodle and also the earth coverd in green with mouses linked to earth.” – We have greated this logo to be symbolic of the power that people have with Social Media and the internet to help make the planet Green once again.

    You can read more about “Earth Day”, global issues, global warming and the initiatives by the

    Earth Day Network

    . Earth Day is celebrated in around 175 countries every year, aiming to make people more aware of Earth Day issues and problems we as humanity face. Earth Day was first observed on March 21, 1970, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. The

    Earth Day Network

    provides a comprehensive history about Earth Day and how it was founded and some history about Earth Day.

    2012 Biggest Earth Day Concerns.

    At the current tempo that people are using the planet’s resources we are heading for a potential disaster. The “wait and see” approach may seem rational, but it’s incredibly risky. By the time we’re really seeing the full impact of global warming, it is too late to fix it.

    Overpopulation is one of the biggest concern at the moment for people fighting for our planet. The more populated the planet get’s the more resources we need and the higher impact and footprint we leave on the earth, making overpopulation one of the biggest concerns.

    The Earth Day Anthem:

    The words below are the official International Anthem for Earth Day.

    “Joyful joyful we adore our Earth in all its wonderment Simple gifts of nature that all join into a paradise Now we must resolve to protect her Show her our love through out all time With our gentle hand and touch We make our home a newborn world Now we must resolve to protect her Show her our love through out all time With our gentle hand and touch We make our home a newborn world”

    Google Doodle Earth Day

    On the 22th of April 2012 Google changed there logo for 24 hours to a special designed Google Doodle celebrating “Earth Day”. The Google Earth Day Google Doodle simply display green flowers which transforms into a colorful display of flowers spelling out the words google. However if you click on the Google Doodle you are redirected to the actual search results for “Earth Day”.

    Google Doodle Earth Day

    “Image of the Google Doodle Earth Day 2012” – Flower Bed spelling Google.

    Earth Day 2012

    “The Google Doodle Earth Day 2012 logo – With this simple transformation Google have managed to make millions of people aware about Earth Day and the importance of Earth Day”

    Millions of people visit the Google homepage everyday and using this prime space on there search engine to let people know about Earth Day is admirable and wonderful! If all companies could follow the initiative making people aware of “Earth Day” and the global implications of not taking care of the earth is strategic to our survival, without a planet what will happen to humanity!