Interesting facts on the BP Volkswagen South Africa Polo S2000 rally car


Here are a list of some interesting facts about the Volkswagen BP Polo S2000 racing car.

Volkswagen BP Polo

  • The new Volkswagen Polo S2000 is designated PQ250 and, as the fifth generation rally car is known as the P5R (Volkswagen Polo 5 Rally).
  • The new generation Volkswagen Polo S2000 is based on the shape of the Volkswagen Polo four-door hatch, but is not built on a deconstructed body, it is constructed from the component parts of the bodyshell used in factory production of the road-going car.
  • By comparison to the Volkswagen Polo found on South African roads, the rally car is 15mm wider and the wheelbase is 8mm longer. In terms of height, the Volkswagen Polo S2000 is of a comparable height to that of the standard Volkswagen Polo.
  • The engine is an aluminium-block, naturally aspirated 2.0 litre four-cylinder producing 200 kW and 250 Nm of torque (at 7 200 rpm). The complete engine weighs 97kg.
  • The Volkswagen Polo S2000 makes use of the Sadev 4/45 six-speed sequential gearbox with Powershift as extensively tested and proven in the WRC.
  • The four-wheel drive system has a 50/50 constant split with the centre diff replaced by a spool. The rules dictate the 50/50 power split front and rear.
  • Interior electronics have changed completely and the Volkswagen Polo S2000 uses EFI electronic systems which are mated to 2D-supplied new generation systems. A power module is used to provide electric current to the various systems.
  • The appearance of the Volkswagen Polo S2000 is based on the WRC version but does not feature the large rear wing as it does not comply with local S2000 regulations.
  • Tyre selection is dictated by local rally regulations, which means the Volkswagen Polo S2000 makes use of the Dunlop R87 – the same tyre prescribed for all competitors in the S2000 championship.
  • With the changes that have taken place, the new Volkswagen Polo S2000 rally car has reached a point where specific training is required in order to make the vehicle function. It is no longer a turn-key rally car.