• Upgraded award winning camera app now even better value
  • Powerful new features make it easier to use
  • Growing user community reaches 350,000 drivers

SpeedwatchYears of intensive research and development went into the original launch of Speedwatch – the world’s first intelligent live speed camera alert system app – and now the British company behind the award winning and well established product has launched Speedwatch version 2.0 – a major up-grade of their speed camera alert technology.

Speedwatch, from Cyclops, delivers key benefits including real-time warning for all speed camera types; accurate and timely data with no false alerts; instant personalised alerts delivered direct to the driver’s smartphone and it is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Speedwatch version 2.0 is available on a 14 day free trial followed by an annual subscription available for an introductory period, of only £9.99. Existing Speedwatch iPhone customers will automatically get the version 2.0 up-date.

The operation of the Speedwatch App is automatic and, once opened, does not require any user interaction in order to receive alerts or updates. Speedwatch 2.0 offers genuine background running which means that you can exit the app to play audio, make calls and even use other apps and still get audio tone and notification alerts when you approach speed cameras and go overspeed. Single button reporting means that the user only has to touch the screen once – the Cyclops smart server algorithms does all the hard work to filter and check alerts before they are issued to the community – this means it is easy, but most importantly, safe to use – so the user can focus on driving. The driver is also able to easily confirm if a previously reported live site is still active, or has moved away.

Speedwatch uses Cyclops’ Waypoint Technology, a unique and innovative geo-corridor system that provides ultra-reliable smart alerts. The UK and Ireland database includes over 20,000 professionally verified fixed and frequent mobile camera sites – the Speedwatch app also tells users when a mobile site is actually manned by a speed camera enforcement unit. The iPhone app has already seen over 75,000 downloads in the UK and Ireland since launch which has added to the wider community of more than 350,000 users which Cyclops partners bring from offering Speedwatch as a feature within their own navigation devices and applications.

The combination of smart alerts and the intelligent verification system means that Speedwatch is unquestionably the most reliable product on the market and avoids the irritating false alerts that are common with other less advanced systems.

Speedwatch data monitoring for both fixed and mobile cameras is based upon reports from official sources, and the community of Speedwatch users who provide instant updates on currently active enforcement sites.

The Cyclops database in the UK includes all fixed, variable, red light, red light and speed, average, temporary roadworks and mobile sites. In Ireland it includes all fixed and red light cameras and all Garda and Go Safe speed mobile enforcement units.

Speedwatch 2.0 is available on iPhone in the UK and Ireland through the iTunes app store