They lie in wait on the roads, around every turn and over every blind rise, waiting to trip up the unsuspecting motorist and cost you money. They are potholes of course and any similarity to whatever you were thinking is purely coincidental!

Tiger Wheel And Tyre

Says Joe du Plooy, Marketing Executive of Tiger Wheel & Tyre: “Potholes are responsible for most of the tyre damage we see in our fitment centres.  More often than not, hitting a pothole will result in tyre damage, even if it’s not visible to the untrained eye and in some cases will also cause damage to the wheel or even the vehicle”.

“The good news is that you don’t have to take this lying down. By insuring your new or used tyres with Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s X-Sure, you can rest assured that when your pothole encounter comes, you may be out of luck but you won’t be out of pocket.”

As an insurance plan, X-Sure is brilliant in its simplicity. The policy is available on new tyres at the time of purchase at Tiger Wheel & Tyre and even on used tyres, and covers them against serious damage of the kind inflicted by potholes, but of course is not limited to pothole damage.

In the case of insured new tyres, if the damage occurs within the first 30 days or 2,000km after fitment, you get a full credit towards the purchase of the same or a similar new tyre from Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

Thereafter, and for insured used tyres, the insured sum is calculated using a formula that takes into account the starting and remaining tread on the damaged tyre as well as the legal tread limit, and the final value is issued to you as a credit towards the purchase of a new tyre.

X-Sure is available on all brands of tyres and the policy is valid for 50,000km travelled on the insured tyre/s or three years from the start date, whichever comes first, and allows for one claim per insured tyre.

Cautions du Plooy: “With the promise of summer rains, comes the assurance of more potholes and the probability that one will catch you unawares. If you come to blows with a pothole, bring your vehicle to us right away and let our technicians check it out. Most tyres are no match for a monstrous pothole and inspection could reveal internal damage like bruising or an impact fracture. You don’t want to be driving 120kmh one day and have your tyre blow because of hidden damage from a pothole. Besides, if you have X-Sure in your corner, even the worst case scenario of replacing your tyre loses its sting.”