India first Passenger Train Journey 16th April 1853


India first passenger train journeyThe Start of India’s first Passenger Train Journey 160 years ago

Today Google announced the 160 year after the India’s first Passenger Train Journey on the Google India Homepage. Today 16 April 16, 2013 exactly 160 years ago on the 16th April 1853 the first passenger train completed its journey in 20 minutes between Bori Bunder in Bombay and Thane in India.

Looking back I cannot help to wonder if the people on the “India’s first passenger train journey” would have imagined that one day the India Railway system will be the 4th largest Railroad system in the world?

The Indian Railway system covers 115,000 Km of Railroad and have 7500 Railway Stations. Unlike the India’s first Passenger Train Journey where the locomotive was steam powered the new Indian Railway system have electrical trains and are completely modernized. It is estimated that there are currently 46,722 hundred passenger coaches and that the Indian Railroad carries 24 million daily passengers in its first class and second class couches.

Yearly the Indian Railroad system carries about 9 Billion passengers and passenger tickets total +/- 5.2 Billion United States Dollars per annum.

The Indian Railroad system also carries freight and is one of the largest freight transporting railroads in the world.

Google India

Today’s Google Doodle is the second Google Doodle displaying a Railroad system on January 9, 2013 Google featured the London Underground Railroad system on their FrontPage allowing us to learn about the Indian Railroad and the Underground Railroad systems.

I would have never known that Railroad’s play such an important role in modern day India without the “India’s first Passenger Train Journey” Google Doodle today. I wonder if the people on India’s first Passenger Train Journey realized the importance of the Railway system and how many people will use public train transport in the future.

From the research I have done today about the “India’s first Passenger Train Journey” and the Indian Railways system I could not find a special naming for the Indian Railroad, it looks like the Railroad is simply referred to as the “Indian Railways”

Does the Indian Railways have a special name like the London Underground?