Independencia de Colombia


Today 20 July, 2013 if you search the Google Colombia pages you will find the “Independencia de Colombia” Google Doodle. The “Independencia de Colombia” revolution and independence are a very important part of Spanish and Colombia history, and many people today will celebrated their independence.

Independencia de Colombia

The Revolution did not have the effect as expected because most of those involved were Indians and inhabitants of the towns of Savannah, they had to return to their villages. Which led Gómez Acevedo, one of the leaders of the oligarchy, to bring together some of the Cabildo and declaring themselves invested in the character of “tribune of the people.” He built the famous Government Board which would replace the viceroy, signing the Declaration of Independence.

The so-called “Declaration of Independence” of Santa Fe was not a proper declaration of independence, because as stated in the same document, this was not intended (on behalf of the New Granada) “abdicate the inalienable rights of the people’s sovereignty to another person than of his august and unfortunate Monarch Don Fernando VII.

In contrast, other acts of independence, as enacted in the city of Mompox on August 6 of 1810 and in Cartagena de India’s on November 11, 1811, did seek real independence from Spain.”

Finally on the 20th of July Colombia became independent from Spain. Resolving the tensions between Spain and Colombia.

Independencia de Colombia Google Doodle

Today’s Google doodle highlights the Colombian territory and showcase the independence of Colombia.