Images: Volkswagen at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013

    Volkswagen Sagitar GLI

    Here are some images of the Volkswagen display at the Shanghai International Auto Show. The show took place in China in Shanghai from the 21 April 2013 to the 29th of April 2013. Volkswagen one of the world’s premier automotive brands showcased their latest cars at the show.

    Volkswagen Shanghai Auto Show

    These Included the Volkswagen Crossblue Concept SUV which have been showcased before at other car shows as a concept vehicle but is not yet in the market. We believe that if the Crossblue Concept Car from Volkswagen do goes into production it should immediately become a runaway success.  Many consumers are looking for a modern, fun sporting car for the family and the Crossblue seem to fit perfectly into that segment of the market.

    Volkswagen also had an interesting car at the show, the Volkswagen XL1 also a concept vehicle. If you look at the images below you will see the Volkswagen XL1, it is the car with its rear view covered. The cover over the rear wheel concerns me a bit, since I believe the wheel should be open if the car is to be driven on a gravel road, or if you drive the car on wet tar, it may actually damage the wheel cover.

    Volkswagen also displayed the Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet at the Shanghai Auto Show, and just looking at the car makes me want to take one home. The Cabriolet have always been popular among Volkswagen fans, although I find it interesting that there are not that many of these on the road.

    Other Volkswagen cars at the show included the Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Lavida Hatchback and the Volkswagen CC, all in all I was very impressed with the Volkswagen display at the Shanghai Auto Show and look forward to see these cars at the local Volkswagen Dealership!

    Images of Volkswagen at the Shanghai Auto Show