Images: Toyota Shanghai Auto Show 2013

    Toyota Yaris Shanghai Auto Show

    My first car was a Toyota Avante and I we recently bought a Toyota Yaris as a student car. I have always been impressed by the toughness and fuel economy of the Toyota range of vehicles and looking at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show Toyota is building on those strengths that I have come to love about Toyota Cars.

    Toyota Shanghai Auto show

    Below is some images from the Toyota display at the Shanghai Auto Show, you will see many of the old Toyota brands like the Toyota Rav 4 and the Toyota Camry, completely updated for the modern world, but built on the same strength and reliability that many people have enjoyed about Toyota in the past.

    Toyota also had some of their latest concept projects on display, giving people an idea of where Toyota is going to in the near future. One of my favorite concept cars on display is the Toyota Fun Concept. The easiest way to explain the Toyota Fun Concept Vii is to think of the car as one giant television screen, the outside of the Toyota Fun concept is a display that allows the driver to show video and advertising on the screens while he is driving.

    The Toyota FJ Cruiser also on display at the Shanghai Auto Show is another one of my personal top choices for SUV’s. The Toyota FJ Cruiser is tough and provides heavy 4×4 and off-road capability.

    Images Toyota at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013