Images: Shanghai Motor Show Mercedes Benz


The Shanghai Motor Show only started in 1985 but it has since grow into one of the most popular car shows in china. The Car Shows is an important event for all motor manufacturers in China and motor enthusiasts.

Shanghai Motor Show 2013

In this article is some images of Mercedes-Benz at the Shanghai Motor Show. If you regularly read our news you will know by now that we love the Mercedes-Benz brand and the quality of their cars.

Mercedes-Benz launched the Concept GLA at the Shanghai Auto Show and from what we have seen so far about the Concept GLA car it is going to be very sought after once it goes into production.

You can read more about the Launch of the Mercedes Benz Concept GLA car, at

Mercedes Benz Concept GLA


Images of Mercedes Benz at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013

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