Images: Nissan Friend-Me Concept Car 2013

    Nissan Concept Car - Friend Me

    The Nissan Friend-Me Concept Car have been launched at the Shanghai Auto Show this week. Is it just me or does the car sound like a car aimed at Social Media. Although the name sound “Cheesy” the Nissan Friend Me-Concept car looks good.

    The Nissan Friend-Me Concept Car is a 4 four door passenger sedan with a unique futuristic, sporty look. Nissan Friend-ME has been carefully designed as a dream within reach of young customers in China. Based on an existing Nissan sedan architecture, it requires a minimum of unique components.

    The ecologically efficient Pure Drive hybrid powertrain envisioned for Friend-ME would deliver more than enough zip for city driving.

    Images of the Nissan Friend-Me Concept Car