Images: Mercedes-Benz Johannesburg Motor Show 2011


    The 2011 Johannesburg Motor Show have been a huge success for Mercedes-Benz whom have introduced the A Class Concept vehicle at the show, at the time of the Johannesburg 2011 Motor Show the car was branded as a concept car and not as a car that is going to go into production. While I was standing at the Mercedes-Benz stand taking photographs of the Mercedes-Benz a Class I heard several people going on about how stunning the car is!

    Johannesburg Motor Show 2011

    As I am re-uploading these photographs in 2013 you should by now know that the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is not just a concept car anymore but Mercedes-Benz decided to make it a production car that is now available in South Africa and just like at the Johannesburg Motor Show 2011 people are going crazy about the car!

    The previous A-Class in my opinion was focused at the young professional mother, that wanted to drive a Mercedes-Benz, and the image it represented were not very sporty. The new Mercedes-Benz A class have changed this perspective completely and it is likely than anyone with style will want to be seen in the new A-class Mercedes-Benz!

    Other cars from Mercedes Show included the Mercedes Benz AMG 63, Mercedes Benz SLS, the Mercedes-Benz Estate, Mercedes-Benz C –Class, Mercedes Benz GL, Mercedes Benz G Class, SLK, ML and Mercedes Benz Roadster to name a few…

    Another one of my favorite Mercedes-Benz SUV’s at the show was the Mercedes-Benz G, it looks like a Jeep but it’s a Mercedes Benz!

    Images of Mercedes-Benz at the Johannesburg Motor Show 2011