Images: Mercedes Benz A Class 2013

Mercedes Benz Cape Town

Images of the All New Mercedes Benz A Class.

The Mercedes Benz A Class have been officially launched today in South Africa, and here are some images of the Mercedes Benz A Class, and the different Mercedes Benz A Class models that will be on sale in South Africa.

Photo: Mercedes Benz A Class

I am personally a huge Mercedes Benz Car Fan and I simply just love the Mercedes Benz A Class, I was lucky to see the Mercedes Benz A Class in 2011 when Mercedes Benz South Africa showcased the Mercedes-Benz A Class Concept vehicle at the

Johannesburg Motor Show


I immediately fell in love with the design of the Mercedes Benz A Class and especially the diamond grill that is available on the Mercedes Benz A Class AMG models. With the official launch of the Mercedes Benz A Class in South Africa I believe that many people will flock to Mercedes Benz Dealers over the next few days, to take a closer look at the Mercedes Benz A Class, and to test drive the Mercedes Benz A Class...

I suspect that Mercedes Benz South Africa is going to have some record selling months with the launch of the New Mercedes Benz A Class in South Africa!

For more information about the New Mercedes Benz A Class you can visit our pages about the

Mercedes Benz A Class

, here you will get much more detail about the Car and it's capabilities, features and technology!

Learn More About the Mercedes Benz A-Class

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