Images: La Ferrari at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013

    Ferrari F12 berlinetta

    One of the most pleasing cars to see at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show 2013 is the La Ferrari model from Ferrari. The

    La Ferrari

    made its world premiere earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland where it attracted thousands of views, when the La Ferrari was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show the car ranked on most trending topics for the day on both Twitter and Google+

    La Ferrari

    There was a sea of photographers and cameramen in front of the Ferrari stand, right from the opening of the show, waiting for the moment when Amedeo Felisa, the Maranello company’s Managing Director, unveiled the new special limited edition La Ferrari for the first time in Asia. We believe that in the next couple of days the La Ferrari will be once again the top ranking car in Social Networks like Google+ and Twitter.

    Images of La Ferrari at the Shanghai Motor Show 2013