Images Volkswagen at the Johannesburg Motor Show

Volkswagen Polo 2004 - Jims 2004

The Johannesburg International Motor Show at NASREC expo center is the biggest bi-annual car show in South Africa. The motor show usually takes place in October month, and attracts everyone who is someone in the South African Automotive Industry to the show.

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Johannesburg Motor Show


The next Johannesburg Motor Show is taking place from the 16th of October 2013 to the 27th October 2013 at the NASREC Expo Center in Johannesburg South Africa.

Johannesburg Motor Show 2004

Here are some Photographs and Images of Volkswagen at the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2004. Looking back at these images brings some nostalgia and it is interesting to see how the Volkswagen Brand and Vehicles have evolved and advanced since the 2004 Johannesburg Motor Show.

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Images: Johannesburg Motor Show 2004 – Volkswagen South Africa