Images Johannesburg Motor Show 2013


The Johannesburg Motor Show is the premiere Automotive Event in the South African Automotive Industry Calendar. This year at the 2013 Johannesburg Motor Show the Automotive companies that chose to display their latest cars at the NASREC Johannesburg Expo Center spared no money to make sure that their cars would wow and amaze the crowds. Volkswagen South Africa were one of these companies with an awesome display of cars at the show. The Volkswagen stand were well designed and true to their brand.


On the next couple of pages you will find some images of the Volkswagen South African display at the show. The cars on display included some of the Volkswagen Cutting edge fuel saving and environmental friendly cars marketed under the Blue Motion insignia. Volkswagen South Africa also brought their Sasol Racing car to their stand at the Johannesburg Motor Show. I loved to see this car for the first time up close and personal and it was simply awesome to be able to sit in the car and see all the gadgets and controls the racing car drivers have inside the car.

Volkswagen South Africa also brought their reliable and top selling vehicles to the car show and on display were the Polo in various models, the Golf, Jetta and the Volkswagen Passat. They also displayed the Cross Coupe concept electric car at the car show. In our opinion from spending some time taking photographs and images at the Volkswagen stand the Cross Coupe concept car is one of the main crowd pullers at the show!

Another legend in a new jacket at the car show included the Volkswagen Beetle and the Volkswagen I-Beetle, although the car have grown and advanced from the first beetle manufactured to the modern Volkswagen Beetle it is today, it is still easy to see why the Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most awesome cars ever made. (Almost everyone love a Beetle).

In this article we focused on the Volkswagen South African stand to showcase the best Volkswagen has to offer, at the time of writing this article there are still 7 days left of the Car Show and we highly recommend that if you are in Johannesburg, Pretoria or surrounding areas that you make your way to the car show, where you will be able to see these cars live, view these cars, touch these cars and get into these cars.

The Volkswagen stand is a must see stand if you love Volkswagen and their cars. The Johannesburg Motor Show also offer visitors the opportunity to view all major South African Motor companies and their cars at the show, think of the detailed Images Johannesburg Motor Show Volkswagen as a teaser to all the great cars you are missing out on if you do not go to the car show!

Images Johannesburg Motor Show 2013

Images of Volkswagen South Africa at the Johannesburg Motor Show