Images: Johannesburg Motor Show 2013 it’s a Storm


    Saturday, October 19, 2013 Johannesburg Motor Show

    Johannesburg motor show


    Wesbank South Africa and the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists launched their South African Car of the Year 2013 at the Johannesburg Motor Show.

    The Event took place at the stadium at the Car Show at 2pm on the 19th of October 2013. We will soon post an article about the COTY 2013 Car of the Year where you can read more about the Cars and the Wesbank Car of the Year Finalists.

    Minutes after the launch of the Car of the year finalists completed a freak storm hit the car show and it started to hail. The hail were not golf ball sized but still some of the car manufacturers removed their cars from the stadium to prevent damage to the cars. In our article about the Wesbank Car of the Year Finalist the images tells the story of the Silence before the storm, with virtually no indication of the Hail and Storm that hit shortly after.

    Good news is that the Johannesburg Motor Show organizers were on the ball of things, and although it was an act of Nature beyond their control, the organizers acted quickly to make sure that there is no, or minimal injuries due to the storm.

    The amount of water that came down in minutes came down so suddenly and at such a force that it instantly caused flash floods at the show and surrounding areas.

    Below is a video of the Hail storm at the Johannesburg Motor Show.

    The show organizers were quick to respond to the “Act of Nature” and have already cleared up the area and made everything safe for the public. Being there and experiencing this storm and flash floods we can only Commend and Praise the show organizers for their quick response and professionalism by which they handled the STORM at the Johannesburg Motor Show 2013

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