Images: Jaguar New York Auto Show

    Jaguar XJR

    This year at the New York International Auto Show in North America New York, Jaguar unveiled three new models at the show. The Land Rover Sport SE, the Jaguar XJR Sedan and the Jaguar XKR-S GT sports car. I have always been a Jaguar fan and seeing these cars I am once again a big fan of the Jaguar vehicle brand.

    Jaguar XKR-S GT Logo

    The Jaguar XKR-S GT looks like a super car and I would not mind taking the car for a drive on the tracks. The Jaguar XJR comes standard with a 5 liter engine, pushing out 550 Horsepower from it’s supercharged V8 Engine.

    Below are some images of Jaguar from the 2013 New York International Motor Show:

    Images: New York Auto Show 2013 – Jaguar