Images: Isuzu Johannesburg Motor Show 2011

    Red Isuzu 2011

    Images of Isuzu at the Johannesburg International Motor Show.

    Isuzu showcased some of it’s latest Pick-up’s at the Johannesburg International Motor Show. The Isuzu Pick-up’s are extremely popular in the South African Car market and well sought after. I was a bit disappointed with the Isuzu stand at the Johannesburg Motor Show, although the Isuzu Pick-up’s impressed there were only a few of these magnificent pick-up’s at the show and I would wanted to see more Isuzu’s at the Motor Show.

    Isuzu Johannesburg Motor Show

    Images Isuzu – Johannesburg Motor Show

    Update: The New Isuzu KB’s have been launched in South Africa ahead of the Bi-annual Johannesburg International Motor Show 2013. The new Isuzu KB is stunning and I cannot wait to see what Isuzu will do this year at the Johannesburg International Motor show, hopefully they will have all the newly launched Isuzu Pick-ups at the 2013 Motor Show!