Images: Hyundai at the Johannesburg Motor Show 2011

Johannesburg Motor Show Hyundai

Today I am reloading some pages of the

Johannesburg Motor Show

2011. In our previous gallery the different vehicle brands were mixed all under the Johannesburg Motor Show umbrella and not organized into different brands underneath the Motor Show.

Hyundai Johannesburg Motor Show

In a coincidence I have also published an article earlier today about the Hyundai Veloster which officially launched today in South Africa. I just then remembered that the first time I actually saw the Hyundai Veloster was at the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2011.

The Hyundai Veloster was quite a show stopper at JIMS 2011 and many people talked about the car after the show. The interesting part is that it looks like a car takes +/- 2 years from the time that is showed at the Johannesburg Motor Show to the time it is fist available at Car Dealers in South Africa.

Both the Mercedes Benz A-Class and the

Hyundai Veloster

was first seen at the Johannesburg Auto Show 2011 and have both been officially released in the past week.

Images of Hyundai at the Johannesburg Motor Show 2011