Images: Ford Kuga


In this photo gallery you will find images of the new Ford Kuga. The Ford Kuga comes in various models and specifications for the Ford Kuga may differ from Country to Country.

Ford Kuga

The basic models of the Ford Kuga are:

  • Ford Kuga 1.6 EcoBoost
  • Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi

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Ford Kuga


The Ford Kuga looks like a fun to have, and fun to drive Sporty SUV and we love the looks and design of the new Ford Kuga. The Ford Kuga Ecoboost puts out between 110Kw and 134Kw depending on the model you are looking at, and the Ford Kuga 2 liter 120Kw.

Here is some photographs and images of the Ford Kuga…

Images Ford Kuga