Images: Fiat Panda 2013

White Fiat Panda

The all New Fiat Panda have just been launched in South Africa, and we have some images of the New Fiat Panda. The Fiat Panda is a small vehicle with lots of Italian flair.  The new Panda offers an unprecedented front suspension with McPherson strut layout. It has been lightened and contributes to high level crash performance during a high-speed and low-speed collision, pedestrian and insurance impact.

Fiat Pando logo

The FIAT Panda is a comfortable, roomy and quiet city car. The latter is a particularly important feature for a car because it improves the quality of life on board and helps the driver pay attention to the road, enhancing safety. A series of devices aimed at effectively reducing all types of noise transmitted to the passenger compartment was used in designing the new Panda.

Images of the FIAT Panda 2013

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FIAT Panda


The new FIAT Panda has been created drawing inspiration from the most up-to-date trends. An elegant restyling of the exteriors with smooth and rounded lines ensures the available space is used effectively. The absence of sharp corners conveys solidity and emphasizes the welcoming and protective “shell” nature of the passenger compartment. The rounded shapes of the exterior also combine aesthetic and an aerodynamic feature ensuring the drag co-efficient is lowered to 0.32, one of the best in the competitive segment.