Images: Buick Shanghai Auto Show 2013

    Buick Riviera

    The Buick display attracted thousands of people to the Buck Riviera Concept Car that was on display at the Shanghai 2013 Auto Show. The Buick Concept car looks stunning, futuristic and modern and completely distinct. The Buick Riviera Concept is built around the first Buick Riviera concept car which were on display at the Shanghai Auto Show 2007.

    Shanghai Auto Show

    The Buick Riviera is equipped with a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle engine and  four-wheel steering, an electromagnetic-controlled suspension and an air spring package. The new Riviera’s designers took inspiration from the Chinese saying: “The greatest good is like water.” The vehicle’s sweeping design, which goes from thick to thin, has the vibrant nature of a moving river embodied in its athletic shape, elegant ambience and deeply sculpted lines

    Other Buick Vehicles on display at the Shanghai Auto Show included the Buick GS Range,  Buick Lacrosse and the Buick Riviera.

    Images of the Shanghai Auto Show 2013