Images: Brilliance at the Shanghai Auto Show

Brilliance H350 EV 2013

The Brilliance Automotive Car Brand is another one of those brands that you probably do not know if you live outside the East. The Chinese automotive brand Brilliance had several cars on display at the Shanghai Auto show 2013. The Brilliance Automotive brand Brilliance Auto (officially Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited) is an automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Shenyang, China.

Shanghai Auto Show

Brilliance Auto is listed on the Frankfurt and Hong Kong stock exchanges In 2003 BMW and Brilliance signed a deal for the production of BMW-branded sedans in China.Its models are, alongside FAW Group Audis, Beijing Benz Mercedes Benzes, and Lexuses, some of the only Western luxury cars to have gained popularity in the Chinese market.

Images of the Brilliance Automotive Brand at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013