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    The all new BMW Z4 have now officially launched and should be available to purchase at your local BMW dealer. In this post you will find images of the new BMW Z4 Roadster if you want to read more about the BMW Z4 you can visit our News pages about the

    BMW Z4


    BMW Z4

    The new BMW Z4 takes to the stage 25 years after the legendary   BMW Z1. That Roadster turned heads when it was unveiled at the 1987   International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt – not only on account of   its revolutionary door concept, but also thanks to its agile and   precisely controllable handling.

    With the BMW Z1 began the latest chapter in the history of BMW Roadsters – a tradition which stretches   back to the 1930s and reached the first of many high points with the   BMW 328 (winner of the 1940 Mille Miglia) and BMW 507 from 1955. The   BMW Z3 and BMW Z8 triggered a fresh wave of excitement for the   classical open-top two-seater concept in the 1990s. And they also   paved the way for the first-generation BMW Z4 and its successor, the brand’s first Roadster fitted with a retractable hardtop roof.

    Depending on the type of BMW Z4 the maximum speed of the BMW Z4 roadster is between 137Mph to 155 Mph. The BMW Z4 Roadster can go faster but the maximum speed is electronically limited on these vehicles. The emissions per g/km range from 159 g/km to 210 g/km depending on the vehicle model, and the Torque range between 240Nm to 450Nm and the Price from £27,610 to £45,795.

    Images of the BMW Z4