Images: Besturn at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013

    Besturn X80 SUV Shanghai Auto Show

    If you live outside China the chances are good that you haven’t heard of the Bestrum Range of Cars yet. Bestrum is a Chinese Car Brand that is being manufactured by the FAW motor group. They have quite a large range of vehicles available which proofed to be very popular among the middle class Chinese people.

    Shanghai Auto Show

    Besturn had several Bestrum vehicles on display at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013. The Bestrum Vehicle range on display included the Besturn B50, Besturn B50EV, Besturn B70, Besturn B90, Besturn N5, Besturn Weizhi V5 and the Besturn X80 SUV.

    The Besturn B70, initially called the C301, made its debut in 2006. It is based on an older Mazda 6 and uses the Ford CD3 platform. The Besturn B50 was released in 2009; also derived from a Mazda 6, other components come from Volkswagen products.  As of 2011, future models will include the Jetta-based B30 and the Mazda 6-derived B90.

    Images of Besturn at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013