Images: Acura Concept Shanghai Auto Show 2013

    Acura Concept Car

    Images of the All new Acura Concept SUV taken at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013 in China. The Chinese Car Market is one of the biggest International Car Markets in the world, and one of the ideal places for Car Manufacturers to launch new products.

    Acura Concept Car

    The Acura Concept Car is changing some of the dull and “All SUV’s look the same” look with the Acura Concept Car and the design look refreshingly new and futuristic. We are not sure if the Acura Concept SUV on display at the Shanghai Auto Show will make it to the market, but if it does we are sure that their will be a market for it, for people who want their cars to be unique and different.

    Shanghai Auto Show 2013 Images: Acura