Iacobucci HF enters the Business Jet Seat market in style with innovative VIP Seat designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA


October 20, 2010 – Atlanta, GA. – Iacobucci HF Electronics S.p.A, worldwide leader in manufacturing of galley insert for commercial and business aviation, enters new market with the launch of an innovative VIP Seat designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA.  A new business unit and team were created by Iacobucci HF to manage this new product line initially targeted at the business jet market.  The entire product development was market driven with transparent and customizable options for OEMs.

The design and product development process was strongly customer oriented.  Iacobucci invested in a dedicated production unit to fulfil customer’s needs.  Both the engineering team and production team were hand selected from the top performers in the industry.  Innovative materials testing and assembly processes were included into the development plan as well as advanced supplier and production quality controls.

“With our close to 40 years of experience in seat design for a wide range of industries,” said Laurenz Schaffer, President BMW Group DesignworksUSA. “We provided Iacobucci with design innovation to create a premium product that differentiates Iacobucci for their entry in a highly competitive market.”

DesignworksUSA created a premium seat design that was focused on the theme of perceived lightness.  Using contour control and attention to negative space as a technique, the design team was able to convey openness and transparency DesignworksUSA took Iacobucci’s innovative seat mechanism and created an attractive shape featuring fresh, reduced, and unique attributes.  To emphasize lightness, transparency, and openness the designers removed material from the armrest.  Similar to premium automotive seat design, DesignworksUSA paid meticulous attention to every detail for this design program.

The end design result is a graceful seat ready to enhance any aircraft interior.

“We believe our company is mature to introduce a new product in the VIP aircraft seat market” said Lucio Iacobucci President and CEO of Iacobucci HF. “BMW Group DesignworksUSA is the ideal partner for this new project, and I am confident both companies can offer the right mix of technology, innovation and design to the market.”

Featuring a single back rest structure with the seat height 45-46” and a 7” deployable and extendable leg rest, the new VIP Seat guarantees maximum comfort and proper support of the body in various seating positions.  A specific “cradle” recline mechanism with a seat pan tilt coordinated with backrest recline and fully retractable armrest with friction drop-down movement convert the seat surface into a fully flat and flawless bed.  The headrest movement includes vertical, horizontal and tilting features.

The new Iacobucci HF VIP Seat is manually operated.  Electronic controls can be installed as an option.  The light structure and smooth movements make it extremely lightweight and easy to be installed as well as maintained, reducing operating costs.  A sleek modern design and use of premium materials sourced from the best worldwide suppliers make the VIP Seat an exclusive choice for private jet customers.  Designed and developed with a customer-oriented approach, the VIP Seat can be customized to suit individual needs and fit a variety of cabin interior designs providing maximum flexibility and integration on board aircrafts.

To continue the focus on customer satisfaction, Iacobucci has established a unique experience of customer support in the aviation industry with an increased number of repair stations worldwide as well as an agreement with Lufthansa Technik in Tulsa USA to service the U.S. market.  Finally, a dedicated VIP Seat customer service team and call centre have been established together with a spare parts stock department.

About BMW Group DesignworksUSA
BMW Group DesignworksUSA provides design strategy, research, design development, sustainability consulting, brand communications, 3D modelling, and colour, materials, and finish to many of the world’s great brands. In addition to being the creative partner to BMW Group, which includes BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, additional DesignworksUSA clients include Boeing Business Jets, HEAD, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Saeco, and Sony.

The company was founded in 1972 by Charles W. Pelly in Malibu, California, and acquired by BMW Group in 1995. Since December 2009, President Laurenz Schaffer has led DesignworksUSA’s strategy and operations, which includes studios in Los Angeles, Munich, and Singapore. With global resources and clients across a spectrum of forward-thinking industries, DesignworksUSA has an unparalleled understanding of consumers and the world of design that surrounds them, both today and many years into the future.  In 2010, Fast Company magazine ranked DesignworksUSA as the world’s “#1 Most Innovative Company in Design,” and among the “Most Innovative Companies for 2010”.

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