Hyundai’s new HD series is ready, willing and equipped to deliver


The upgraded Hyundai HD series introduced to the local market by Hyundai Automotive South Africa this week brings a new dynamism and capability to the light and medium duty trucks. The new HD65 and HD72 are tough, but now even more stylish, comfortable and dependable – which makes it the perfect vehicle for the demands of the trucking business.

Hyundai HD65

These two trucks in the new Hyundai HD series look good, without losing the attributes of toughness and durability to do the work. They have also been engineered to be safe and reliable to keep a business on the go with a minimum of downtime.

And to make the HD series even more comfortable and efficient to operate for both the driver and the owner, Hyundai has built several fresh and useful new features into the HD series that will make it a favourite with many businesses and entrepreneurs.

On the outside the HD series, consisting of the HD65 and HD72 with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 6 500 kg and 7200 kg respectively, have been given neat and clean lines that spell out functionality. Its new Multi Focus Reflection (MFR) headlights with the big direction indicators next to them form part of the bold front appearance of the HD series.

The stylish front headlights are also a major night driving safety feature as they feature Multi Focus Reflection Technology for clearer, wider, and more precise light projection.

The MRF headlights are only one of several new highlights found in the new HD series. Among the other new features are the:

  • Tilting Cab

Servicing and regular checks are easier than ever thanks to the 50-degree tilting cab – 5 degrees more than its predecessor – which provides quick and easy access to the engine compartment.

  • Semi-floating-type cab suspension

The cab rides on two oil cushioned rubber mounts. This design innovation is one of the keys to the soft, gentle ride experienced in the new HD truck series.

  • A cabin designed to maximise capability and convenience

The Hyundai HD series offer one of the safest and most ergonomic cabs available. It is not just comfortable, but it works with the driver. For example, the curved instrument and switch panel layout means less reaching and more instinctive control.

Minor controls, cab access, door and grab handles are optimally positioned, and there are ample interior illumination and stowage space. When it comes to driver comfort and convenience Hyundai is always right out there at the forefront.

Getting in and out the roomy cabin of the HD65 and HD72 has also been made even easier with doors that swing open to a 70º angle and there is safety step and grab handle for extra comfort.

  • Air Control System

Dial controls make setting the optimum heating and ventilation levels effortlessly simple. A powerful fan and multiple outlets mean that all round freshness is guaranteed. Air conditioning is also optionally available.

  • Instrument panel

Backlit, clear, and easy to read instruments, in the direct sightline of the driver, make day or night driving more relaxing.

  • Radiator reservoir

The radiator reservoir is conveniently installed on the inner side of the fender and can be easily checked and replenished.

  • Washer Tank

The HD trucks’ washer tank is mounted in a safe and secure location outside the rear panel where it can also be easily checked and replenished.

  • Tool box

A lockable toolbox next to the chassis under die cargo body overhang provides easy and convenient access to tools.

More perfect, more secure on the job

The Hyundai HD series trucks are developed for perfect safety. This serves as the foundation for rugged structure and extraordinary ride and handling. Furthermore, the world-class safety feature from an ABS integrated EBD brake system is equipped as standard.

The HD series offer extraordinary active safety and security due to this 4-channel ABS integrated Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) system. When the system senses the brakes locking in adverse or slippery road conditions, it easily adjusts and controls the braking pressures to all wheels by hydraulic control, while increasing brake pressure in emergency situations automatically.

Another small but very important safety feature that is hidden underneath the chassis of the HD trucks, is the propshaft safety catch to prevent the shaft from hitting the ground in case of breakage – thus protecting both the driver and passengers of the truck and other road users.

Extra strong frame

The heat-treated steel frame of the HD truck is reinforced with cross members and new bolt-type fasteners, which combine to improve resistance to frame twisting and flexing.

Optimal suspension resilience, whether the truck is fully loaded or empty, comes from the proven leaf springs with advanced shock absorber technology.

The large brake linings and tandem brake boosters give consistently dependable and powerful braking. Fluid levels are easy to check and maintain and the advanced integrated fuel filter requires service only at 50 000 km intervals.

Stringent quality tests

Hyundai’s HD series trucks undergo a range of stringent tests to maintain the highest standards in development and manufacturing. These tests are done to ensure durability, performance, safety and the lowest possible levels of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Among the tests that the HD trucks have to endure, are the waterproof test and the high-speed running test. The tests to check the NVH levels include running the trucks on unpaved roads.

The high-speed running test is done at Hyundai’s high-speed track and it is performed to ensure that the HD trucks can withstand the robust ride and handling that such a workhorse is subjected to, and that they have the expected maneuverability at low and high speeds.

Durable, robust and powerful turbodiesel engine

The power source for the HD65 and HD72 is the turbocharged D4DB diesel engine with a displacement of 3 907 cc. This robust and durable engine, equipped with an intercooler for the turbocharging process, delivers 95 kW maximum power at 2 900 r/min. and maximum torque of 372 Nm at 1 800 r/min.

A special feature of the D4DB engine – especially at the Highveld altitude where the turbochargers spins much faster than at the coast – is the turbo-protector that supplies oil to the turbo before start-up as well as after engine shut-down, lubricating and cooling the red hot turbocharger.

Although the technical specifications of the HD65 and HD72 remain the same as the previous models, the warranty has been changed to 3 years/200 000 km together with the roadside assistance which also changed to 3 year/200 000 km.  The service plan remains at 1 year/60 000 km.

Pricing for the HD65 chassis/cab is R293 900 and for the HD72 chassis/cab the recommended retail price is R323 900.

“We are still the only manufacturer to offer a service plan as standard,”  says Danie de Beer, general manager of Hyundai Commercial Vehicles, a division of Hyundai Automotive South Africa. “Our warranty claim rate on our HD trucks is extremely low and the number of breakdowns are ridiculously low.

“In 2011 we established HD trucks in an extremely competitive market, and we have proven last year that we can compete in the highly competitive MCV market.  The HD parts basket still remains the best and coupled with our extremely good fuel consumption experienced by customers, we have a product with which we can confidently challenge the competition,” says De Beer.