Hyundai SA appoints Deon Sonnekus to serve SA media needs


Hyundai Automotive SA is pleased to welcome Deon Sonnekus into the family as the newly-appointed General Manager for Corporate Communications.

In this new position Deon will adopt the role of primary communicator and media liaison for the fast-growing Hyundai brand in SA, ensuring that the channels with local media partners are kept clear and open while driving increased awareness and visibility of the name in our market.

These duties are ideally complemented by his long and distinguished career as a motoring journalist at a variety of titles as well as extensive marketing experience gained from working as first Marketing and Advertising Coordinator and then Media Liaison at the premium automotive brand Volvo SA.

Deon has proven his excellence in communication as an Editor as well as sub-editor of several national news titles, and these skills will continue to serve him and the Hyundai brand well as he settles into this new role. As will his extensive network established over more than a decade in the SA motoring media landscape, all of which come together under his new position to add significant value to the Hyundai SA brand.

Adds Sonnekus; “I’m here to serve the media on behalf of Hyundai Automotive SA as well as aid in promoting a brand which has already had a substantial impact not only in our market but globally as well. Hyundai has enjoyed tremendous success here by remaining true to its compelling objectives as a brand, and I foresee this strong growth continuing into a very bright future for us as a company.”

The company began its South African operations as a budget-beating alternative to established Japanese competitors, and thanks to an enviable history of reliability and attractive pricing quickly became a powerful force. Since then Hyundai has built up from this base with ever more sophisticated products, culminating in the upmarket executive saloon Sonata and hugely popular recreational vehicle ix35, while still maintaining its reputation of delivering affordable and exceptionally well-built products to the market. This unwavering focus has enabled the brand to garner a large and loyal following for consistently delivering just what buyers have been looking for even during the cash-strapped height of the recession.

With a line up covering a full spectrum from entry-level first-time buyers with vehicles like the pert i10 to commercial customers in its hugely versatile H-1, Hyundai continues to gather momentum and report industry-bettering growth. Deon intends to support and help drive this impressive trend by ensuring that Hyundai is well represented in local media through the timely provision of accurate and valuable information and rapid response to the requirements of the SA motoring media.

Concludes Hyundai’s Director of Marketing Stanley Anderson; “We’re pleased to welcome Deon into the Hyundai team and firmly believe that his wealth of experience and proven communications track record will add significant value to our SA marketing team and its efforts. It’s an exciting time for Hyundai SA and we now have all the strength we need in our executive team to capitalise on the opportunities which lie ahead.”