Hyundai Protects Customer Interests With Approved Crash and Panel parts repairer program


Hyundai Parts Division has spent a year and a half fine tuning an industry first with their Approved crash and panel parts repairer program, or HARP. The focus of the program is to ensure that all Hyundai vehicles both in and out of warranty are repaired quickly and efficiently by Hyundai-approved repairers to the highest standards, using only genuine quality Hyundai parts.

At the core of this program lies a sincere interest in the protection of the interests of the client, whose vehicle has been in an accident, the interests of the insurer who will be paying for the repairs, and the value and quality of the Hyundai brand.

The process is driven by the HARP contact centre, which acts as the facilitator and “gate Keeper” for the program. Its primary task is to control the process of parts supply, repair time frames, and quality control for the client, the repairer and the insurer.

When a Hyundai owner’s vehicle is damaged in an accident, the vehicle is taken to the nearest Hyundai approved repair centre. The standard information forms are then sent by the repairer to the HARP Contact centre. The client is contacted by HARP contact centre to assure them that someone is looking after their interest after their often traumatic experience. At the Approved Repairer, an assessment is completed by the insurer, and a list of required parts is then approved by the insurer.

The insurance assessment and parts order is then supplied to the HARP centre, who will in turn supply the parts through the nearest Approved panel supply outlet to the approved repairer.

This effectively means that a non-approved repairer will not be able to secure any form of crash or panel parts from the importer thus protecting the quality and warranty of the client vehicle. This in turn will contribute to curbing the fitment of pirate parts on our customer’s vehicles, most of the time without their knowledge, to be discovered only once they trade or sell the vehicle.

The Hyundai HARP contact centre takes the responsibility for following up with the repairer to ensure that all parts have been received, and that there are no unnecessary delays in the repair process. This ensures that Hyundai vehicles are repaired within the industry norm to Hyundai quality and warranty standards.

Once the repair of a vehicle has been completed (be the vehicle in or out of warranty), the repairer has the option of taking the vehicle to a Hyundai dealer for a 35 point mechanical check, as well as to reactivate any electrical components or functions that may have been disconnected or replaced during the repair process.

To close the loop Hyundai HARP contact centre will contact the customer after the repair to ensure that the customer is happy with the quality of repairs, thus reinforcing the requirement that all repairers adhere to high standards of workmanship set by Hyundai. A customer can contact the HARP contact centre to find out about the progress of the repair by sending an email to

This industry leading process is just another way in which Hyundai adds value for the customer during an otherwise inconvenient incident.