Hyundai new brand direction


Hyundai’s new brand direction: Modern Premium and ‘New Thinking. New Possibilities’

Hyundai Motor Company, the world’s fastest-growing automotive company by brand, officially announced its new brand direction and statement at the beginning of 2011 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

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Hyundai’s new brand statement from 2011 is “New Thinking. New Possibilities.” This encompasses Hyundai’s new brand concept, “Modern Premium,” which aims to provide customers with emotional value and experiences beyond expectations through new thinking and new possibilities.

The new brand direction also captures the spirit of change at the automaker, which has shown dramatic growth in all areas of business.

“Today, customers do not believe that expensive cars with unnecessary technology are premium,” said Euisun Chung, vice chairman of Hyundai Motor Company at the Detroit Motor Show. “Instead, they want their core needs fulfilled at an accessible price and with a car that exceeds their expectations; a car that reflects their values and the times in which they live.”

“Hyundai is not just a company that makes cars. Hyundai is a company that creates new possibilities. Our goal is not to become the biggest car company. Our goal is to become the most-loved car company and a trusted lifetime partner of our owners,” said Chung.

While traditional premium is usually linked with high prices for the privileged few, Hyundai’s “Modern Premium” concept is based on the idea that high quality does not necessarily require a high price for a limited class.

Hyundai will offer high-end, high-quality values at a surprisingly attainable price and values that customers never experienced or expected. This will not be limited to just the product, but throughout Hyundai’s entire business, operations and services.